Seaport Village Aug 21

  Busking by the bay offers a multi-million dollar backdrop for your presentation.  Slips docked with celebrity yachts and wonderful views of the ocean as storks in formation skim the water.  Jerry Lewis keeps his antique vessel, "Sam's Place" docked in a slip here and it's hard to compete for attention and coin, if your material isn't top calibre. 

  You will find many locals mostly from the inland areas, conventioneers, young couples, european guests fresh off the cruise ships and celebrities from the nearby Los Angeles area. 

  I've spotted, Richard Simmons, Sean Connery, Bill Clinton, Sir Richard Branson to name drop a few.  My point being loosen up and remember in your audience you will have professional entertainers and folks used to high quality entertainment. 

  This weekend the award winning Jeff Marcus and his close confidante Randy spent some time at my table to watch and discuss that which we do!  Jamie Ian Swiss has relocated to this area and the highly revered Mr. Paul Harris is haunting these parts as well on occasion.

  Come on out or go on out in your neighborhoods, to perform little acts of astonishment! Be sure to entertain as much as you mystify, for you will reap the rewards if you keep them laughing.   The laughs is what they remember more than the magic, when it comes to unloading their expendable coin in your hat!  

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