Gaslamp District Aug 19, 2011

  Performing in the Gaslamp District, in an area reminiscent of  The French Quarter in New Orleans, mostly due to the architecture offers some of the same hazards and rewards.

  There are many panhandlers along with musicians and fellow buskers mostly musicians.  The traffic is in large part, made up of  Marines and Navy Servicemen out for the weekend. So you better not show up and appear squeemish or timid!  Be prepared for quick comebacks from the remarks made by the intoxicated masses.  Make them your friends and allies by performing effects with false explanations.

There are so many women walking to and from clubs mostly in groups of three for some odd reason. Make your own inferences there on that one.  You may on occasion, have to remark, "Say I don't go to the strip club and harrass  you at work do I" as they will stop and sometimes try and steal the attention from your pitch.  It never fails to gain an "Ooooh" from the rest of the crowd as they anticipate the response from the the unruly dames.  Use this not in haste my friends and be prepared to face the consequences if you don't excercise judgement.  

 During a weekend, you can also expect to find many visitors in town for a convention at the nearby San Diego Convention Centre.  The attendees usually don't tip very well in my experience.  They are visiting on the company coin which may offer a clue, but you would think the reverse would be the norm if so right?  I'll continue to track the trend and make adjustments.

 You will also be host to many folks from around the world so the material should not require too much explanation to set up the bits of astonishment.

Lastly, get out there on the streets with your sets! Be sure to remain flexible.  Smile and engage the crowds with noise or funny personal comments on appearance or demeanor.  The crowd is buzzing from the copious amounts of alchohol consumption   This means large tips my friends! 

See you soon.


  1. thank you for keeping my esmeralda/pic of arizona on your page.:)

  2. I miss you Elizcha!

  3. You look good..didn't think you'd ever post anything so personal on your site


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