Seaport Village Buskers

Seaport Village is a serene place in San Diego. It offers the opportunity for many types of characters to find an expressive outlet. Because of this, many entertainers with a variety of different disciplines can be found busking at Seaport Village.

There are psychics, energy channellers, balloon artists, statue models, energy rock balancers, bird-men, henna tattoo artists, jewelry artisans, acrobats, clowns, jugglers, fire-men/women, musicians, mimes, and more!

The conglomerate of individuals found there form a quirky dysfunctional family of misfits and eccentrics, all struggling to make ends meet, whilst helping others forget about their woes with laughter and entertaining bits of business.

Although they do not always see things the same way, all agree that under no circumstances should the law be involved, lest they find a way off their unique pitch due to legal scrutiny. Becoming a busker requires a sensitive and agreeable nature. There are ways to mitigate grievances of any kind.

Always smile, be very polite, play nice and learn how the ground rules work before you decide to set your gear down. This works in your favor as you will always need someone to watch your gear, whether it's during bathroom and lunch breaks, breaks to insert change into the parking meters, reserving areas for the next day etc...

Working together makes busking much more enjoyable and decreases the likelihood of early burnout due to petty misunderstandings.

Below, you may find unique and beautiful people that are making busking an art form at Seaport Village into a fulfilling and enjoyable way of life.


Angelique - Music Box Statue Model www.zoetantrum.com

Mitchell Mac The Didjeridoo Musician

Rabindra Sarkhar - Rock Balance Artist




Irishman Kyle Horse Carriage Busker

Our next blog details nightlife busking at The Gaslamp District in the heart of Downtown San Diego. It is the closest thing to The famous French Quarter in New Orleans. We also were fortunate enough to catch up with a kin to Daniel Boone yes, the coonskin hat Daniel Boone. He stopped to catch our performance and we have film of his time spent with us.
Please watch for it soon!

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